I got pissed off at myself at how little creative, humorous, and funny content the internet had. Even the little there was, I'd seen before, constantly reposted - yet there were still people going "LOL, SO FUNI." So, I gave myself a mission. Every Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I will try to create a new and humorous piece of original content - hell, might not be funny, but I'll still try. Because you can never have enough Original Content.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the beret isn't responsible for your success

Just a quick thing. Couldn't think of anything really original, and when I sat down and started mucking around this eventually came to me. I'm curious about the effects of the Sandman's stun, we'll see if it gets griefy.

Done in Flash CS3, I love that thing's brush tool.

Also, L4D will finish downloading tonight, and I'm very excited about playing that, so fuck you, TF2, I'm going to go kill some zombies.

And apologies to the Mythbusters, I still love you.

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