I got pissed off at myself at how little creative, humorous, and funny content the internet had. Even the little there was, I'd seen before, constantly reposted - yet there were still people going "LOL, SO FUNI." So, I gave myself a mission. Every Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I will try to create a new and humorous piece of original content - hell, might not be funny, but I'll still try. Because you can never have enough Original Content.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

my commitments are so unreliable

Okay, so, I never did the second post, and I missed Wednesday, but hey, it's here now, please don't hate me.

And in exchange for missing two updates, and the second rule I set for myself, I decided to find out if Blue Balls is actually a condition.

It is. And 'tis painful.

Here's the piece of work I promised I would post on Monday/Tuesday - curse you, L4D! - and I'll go see what I can do about Romeo and Juliet when I find BlackPawn and ask for the script that I stupidly forgot to save.

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