I got pissed off at myself at how little creative, humorous, and funny content the internet had. Even the little there was, I'd seen before, constantly reposted - yet there were still people going "LOL, SO FUNI." So, I gave myself a mission. Every Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I will try to create a new and humorous piece of original content - hell, might not be funny, but I'll still try. Because you can never have enough Original Content.

Monday, February 23, 2009

in fair dustbowl do we lay our scene

Apologies for those who read this and saw I missed an update - I have been working on something, and I think both of my readers will forgive me and not ask to see me hit my penis with a hammer when I make a double post today.

Anyway, me and some person I met on Steam called BlackPawn are working on this project. Hopefully this image showing what we're planning will bring joy and happiness to you. The guy's amazing, with a wonderful knowledge of the subject in question, great talent for writing.

actually he's a complete dictator and i cant escape please help

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